Circuits For Fun Closing Down

It’s been a fun ride!

Six years ago I set out to create a few products that would make learning electronics fun and easy for everyone. Over that course of time I had the pleasure of hearing from thousands and thousands of people sharing great stories of what they have learned and what kind of projects they were building. This was just a part time endeavor worked on after a long day at my full time job, needless to say there were times when I was so exhausted I wasn’t sure how long I could keep this up but hearing from so many happy customers was the fuel that kept me going.

Unfortunately I’ve reached a point now that I have too many other big projects going on that I just can’t dedicate enough time to support this side effort anymore and must call it quits.

I will continue to keep the site around for a while longer and the email for another year to offer support for existing customers so they are not left high and dry but there will be no new or current products for sale anymore.